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Study Abroad Fund

Hi friends,

I finally feel like I have outgrown this blog. I’ve been on tumblr since I was fifteen, and I realized that I don’t connect with the community here anymore like I did when I was a teenager. Not only that, but I am actively working on focusing on my major at school now… and on developing a portfolio… so I’m moving on. It feels right.

With that being said, I would be honoured if you would join me on instagram, where I’ll be posting my art and some photos from throughout each day.

I am finding that I like the way that I can connect with people’s photos/art without being inundated with other random content. Maybe even in a year’s time you will be joining me visually, as I study abroad in Europe.

With love,



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October 13 2014


aldo chaparro

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October 8 2014

my current goal is to consume less inspiration and create more art.

i’ve been hindering myself for some reason lately, and as a result i have felt terrible about art in general, so the work i have done has been extremely dry and ugly.

i’ve been letting anxiety and self-doubt mess with me again, and it needs to stop now.

but i’ve met new people who are sharing their support w/me, and are acting as wonderful mirrors to show me who i truly am and what i really am doing. i want to ride this wave of positive energy and use it as fuel to believe in myself and create more.

if you see less posts from me here please view this as a good thing. it means i’m growing, i’m feeling less bad, and working on projects that i will be able to share in the future sometime. 

much love!


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October 8 2014

Song for No One

9:31 am
October 8 2014

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October 7 2014

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October 7 2014


Self Portrait in Blue Bathroom, London.Nan Goldin, 1980

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October 7 2014

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October 7 2014

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October 7 2014

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October 7 2014


FLAR5-13 by alexjacque on Flickr.

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October 7 2014

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October 7 2014


Ontario, July 22 ‘14

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October 7 2014

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October 7 2014


Portrait of Liz Kinnmark 2014

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October 7 2014

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