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untitled by grace tuttle on Flickr.

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April 16 2014

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April 15 2014


(❀ Anna Hollow)

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April 15 2014

I think I’ve always been half out of my shell and half in. Sometimes I can be extremely wild and sometimes I can be extremely shy. It just depends on the day.

Emile Hirsch (via nyu-tah)

(Source: emilixx, via moon-medicine)

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April 15 2014


bun sisters awawaw

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April 15 2014



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April 15 2014

this morning when i awoke there was a cool white mist floating inconspicuously over the pool located in the center of my apartment complex. the shade of blue glowing through the fog from the water below looked like neon lights emitting magic through an electrified glass tube.

my alarm clock shook me from some kind of hazy dream, in an REM state most likely, so I cannot remember exactly what on earth was going on. i vaguely recall being on some kind of sword-yielding adventure where i was the female heroine, leaping through fields and flying over the trees. i was in the pocket of a giant on my way to defeat some dangerous creatures who lurked beneath the foothills overlooking the sea. perhaps i was a female Ulysses, or a female Frodo. i wonder if last night, in the abstract continuation of my dream, i would’ve found/defeated the foe who i was seeking!!

well, anyways, i have to get to class. here is the song i’ve been dancing to lately, the song i’ve been fighting dragons to lately.


11:46 am
April 15 2014
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spiderweb structure (by Katharina Becker)

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April 15 2014


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April 15 2014

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April 15 2014

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April 15 2014


by Ryo(りょう

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April 15 2014

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April 15 2014


All sparks will burn out in the end (by Jula Mint)

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April 15 2014

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April 15 2014

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