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keep it peachy

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July 31 2014

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July 31 2014

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July 31 2014


(via Zoo Payne)

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July 31 2014

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now it’s time 2 turn my energy + motivation into action  !!

this is where things get interesting !!!

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i’m going to stop posting these crazy text posts beginning today because i think i’m marinating too much in my own thoughts! 

gotta run!



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July 31 2014


Allen Ginsberg & Bob Dylan by Paul Brooks

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July 31 2014

i’m at this point where i want to talk to everybody, connect with everybody, understand everybody, see things how you see ‘em, feel what you’re feelin, vibe with you, read your writing, observe your art, and make you feel as important as you truly are!!! i want to keep on opening up and seeing where my connections lead me, and in the act of doing so, continue to heal + become stronger.

everybody is so important! no matter who you are, you are so powerful and lovely. you might not see it right now but keep on believing in yourself, you have the ability to love yourself, i know it. i wish you could see it. i wish everybody could see how awesome they are, and feel good about life too.

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July 31 2014


baby spinach, avocado, lemon and black pepper tofu, sprouted bean mix and sunflower seeds.

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July 31 2014

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July 31 2014

perpetually confused pisces

life is so weird + awesome + strange + exciting + terrifying… (profoundly terrifying)……

and even though i’m very motivated + positive + obsessed with learning about life, i am still ALWAYS mystified and confused by the whole thing. 

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July 31 2014

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July 31 2014


high carb, low fat (rawtill4) vegan eating makes me feel my ultimate best 🙌 my constant inspiration and love for this lifestyle comes from these accounts: @jiliciousjourney @queenpupsy @katarinalari @freeleethebananagirl

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July 31 2014


Hannah Anderson

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July 31 2014

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July 31 2014

your body is a garden, your soul is a garden, your life is a garden.

pieces of you die all the time. people leave. good things go away, happiness wanes.

when the leaves fall from the trees in your garden, do you weep over their disappearance? no.

you continue to be patient. cultivate. wait. trust. grow.

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July 30 2014

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